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Composition 188 The Unfamiliarnaires
Marius D. Kettler | Composition Sounds Dolores Flores | Text Vocals
cold stone walls
Cold stone walls | Marius D. Kettler | Dolores Flores
Sacrifice MDK
Sacrifice | Marius D. Kettler | Dolores Flores
Artkustik im Franz Club
ARTkustik LIVE | Franz Cliub Berlin | 1995 | ARABIANS VHS (remastered)

The Unfamiliarnaires created the electronic music composition 188, for the live performance titled “Hallali” on the finissage of the art exhibition “ ROT - Don´t call it pink ” from Marius D, Kettler, in the artists in progress project space in Berlin. Dolores Flores and Marius D. Kettler are artists and musicians, as a music duo they are named “The Unfamiiarnaires”.

The inspiration for the composition came from the interstate 188, where their studio is directly located on. In this composition, there are many integrated field recordings from this street. The composition describes a moment of transition, with each car that passes by, a new impression arises with a new sound and feeling, a gentle melancholic mixture uniting the sounds of the interstate 188, one road that can lead to many new beginnings and open ends. The main instruments are classical, combined with sounds and noises, such as: passing by cars, motorcycles, trucks, trailers and the additional sounds of nature. For the live performance, Marius D. Kettler worked with electromagnetic sounds, induced from coils, interacting with ordinary daily items such as, an old clock or an electric tooth brush.

Dolores Flores sings the lyrics of the composition in the languages English and German, these vocals are processed live while working with the vintage Roland RE 301 chorus echo. The wandering sound and the echo of the vocals, describe a poetic moment of motion and change, departure, arrival and destination. The composition is by Marius D. Kettler, text and vocals from Dolores Flores.

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