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"We don't just play tones, we play with the tones. In doing so, we create experimental pieces up to atonality. Sometimes we are melodic, other times a bit rocky," describes Marius D. Kettler describes their music. Dolores Flores adds: "We hover a bit between analog and digital. Marius plays drums, flute and keyboard, I sing and play bass and guitar." Together, the two set poems written by Dolores Flores to music. In this way, in the midst of the remodeling, a song about the Corona pandemic was created called "A New Tomorrow." It is one of her most melodic pieces. It begins with birdsong, soft keyboard sounds join it and are complemented by the full, warm alto voice of Dolores Flores. "On a deep gray July day, we watched a bird build its nest. That reminded us that things go on, even when everything around you looks gray," the two tell us.

Vinyl with screen printing
The plan is to release the piece, along with several others, as a CD and a vinyl record titled "Zweistromland - Zwischen Aller und Oker." The unique thing about their project is: "The record will be available in a limited edition, one-sided with a silk-screened front and in a picture case," announces Marius D. Kettler announces. If nothing comes up, the work could be released as early as the end of the year. "We are planning a benefit concert to raise funds for the restoration of a painting by Hans Nowak in the Malerhof Chapel in Voigtholz. Maybe this is the right time for a release party," the artist reflects.
For Dolores Flores and Marius D. Kettler, the linking of visual art and music is nothing unusual. On the contrary: "We have brought these two art forms together in each of our music projects so far," explains Marius D. Kettler. The two have been making music together since 1994, first under the name ARTkustik, later also as "Schlagmetall" and "QchiQ". During their performances, they sometimes transform a whole club into an exhibition space, within which they perform their music. They even exhibited their works twice at the Documenta and also performed their music.


Dolores Flores / Marius Kettler
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